Supplier Vetting

We vet potential new suppliers initially by having them complete a formal supplier evaluation questionnaire that requests information relating to basic company historical/background information, facilities and equipment, API/system capabilities, core product/services competencies, quality control processes in place, current customers, etc. In addition, we request information relating to their supply chain such as country of origin for raw materials, current social compliance, and quality audits in place for their manufacturing partners, and any other documentation that demonstrates adherence to the ethical and fair treatment of facility workers and to state and federal environmental regulations. Our organization does not tolerate use of child labor, forced or compulsory labor or discrimination in employment and occupation. We respect and comply with US Law as it relates to these and other labor-related issues.

Supplier Monitoring

Existing suppliers are monitored through a process of regularly scheduled visits, inspections, and audits. Based on previous inspection results and audit scores, and severity of any documented violation, a cadence for future inspections / audits is established to ensure compliance to company requirements related to social compliance and workplace conditions, in addition to quality, safety and environmental impact concerns. Additionally, last year the company launched Supplier Sustainability Questionnaire which all of the primary suppliers volunteer to complete. This provides insights into opportunities for partnerships to enhance sustainable growth and progress, as well as creating visibility into what sustainable practices suppliers and partners currently employ.


Association of National Advertisers

DSCOOP (Digital Services Co Op)

DPAC (Digital Print Advisory Council)

National Safety Council (NSC)

National Fire and Protection Association (NFPA)

VPPPA (Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association)

AMAXX Risk Solutions (Workers’ Compensation)

ASSP (American Society of Safety Professionals)

OSHA SGE (Occupational Safety & Health Association Special Government Employee)

PMI (Project Management Institute)

AME (Association for Manufacturing Excellence)

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